We give new life

to the planks soaked with history

Who are we?

We have been operating on the market for the 20 years and became professionals in old wood trade.  

Our products are destined to those specialists, who need unique products of the highest quality.  

Each of our products witnesses his own history, which makes it special in his form, structure and colour.

Constant development and expansion of the AH Company makes it the most reliable and trustworthy partner. Production processes and machinery park are constantly modernised and controlled, to be sure that the final product is of the highest quality and meets high standards of our clients all over the world. 

Where are we?


Antik Holz
st. Zamkowa 21
26-260 Fałków, Poland/Polen

E-mail: info@antikholzprofis.com

Talk with us 

+48 668 082 514

+48 781 50 70 50

+48 513 064 860

+48 730 070 080


Antikholz Image Film


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