Introducing our new line of doors
crafted from reclaimed wood!

Highest quality
unique design

We manufacture internal doors from reclaimed wood. They are a statement of style and eco-friendliness. Each door tells a story, carrying the history of its former life into your home.

What makes our door special?

Unique design

From minimalist modernity to elegant tradition – the carefully designed range of door models will appeal to every customer. Old wood fits perfectly in both: classical and modernist interior design styles.

Made from authentic reclaimed wood.

The original old wood has been used in the cover of the door leaf and frame. It's the perfect choice for everyone who is looking for quality and beauty.

Breakthrough technological solutions.

We've built a strong brand associated with reliability, modernity, and technological innovation. Production takes place using state-of-the-art production lines under the supervision of qualified technologists with years of experience.

100% recycled FSC certification

The material used in the cover of the door leaf and frame is certified with FSC recycled certification.

Construction solidity

The panel construction is characterized by exceptional stability and durability. To ensure the stability of the door, the frame of the door leaf and the elements of the door frame are made of laminated wood.

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Two types of filling


Honeycomb filling

The STANDARD line is a perfect choice for interior doors for customers seeking high quality at an optimal price. Doors with this filling are much lighter and are recommended for places where better door acoustics are not required.


Chipboard filling

The PREMIUM line comprises interior doors characterized by top-quality components, ensuring exceptional parameters in terms of acoustics and durability.

Get to know the standards of our doors!
  • Rebated version, non-rebated version 

  • Panel construction

  • Laminated wood frame, fixed or adjustable

  • Hinges with three-plane adjustment 

  • Magnetic or mechanical lock 

  • Lock variants: key, cylinder, or bathroom 

  • Invisible hinges or drill-in hinges

Other available door models
Mont Blanc
Gran Paradiso
Dent Blanche
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