Hand chopped planks .

Description Planks with original hand chopped surface 

Length:      100 - 500 cm   

Width:       from 10 cm

Thickness: from 30 mm+    


Available types of finishes 

  • surface brushed, 
  • planed,                              
  • tongue–groove,                            
  • parallel cut,                            
  • dried 12% +/- 2%  
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Available variants

Hand hewn planks

We sell old wooden beams due to the huge demand on the market. Over the years, they have become very popular on the market and can be found more and more often on the ceiling. Due to the natural washing and brushing process, old hand hewn planks have an extraordinary structure and color. Despite long exposure to the outside, they are a full-fledged raw material.

Old hand hewn planks are also a desirable material on the market. The latest technology guarantees the recovery of old wood in a safe way that will not damage it. In the offer you can find a several types of surface finishes:


Sale of hand hewn planks

Sale of hand hewn planks - the offer includes planks of various thickness, width, length and we offer our clients a wide selection of types of wood: spruce, fir and pine.

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