Raw material

Our wood aged for years by sunburning, soaking with rain and drying with wind.

We dismantle it with the highest delicacy and carefulness so it could be processed in our modern plant.  



Deliveries of raw material

A large base of reliable suppliers provides us with regular deliveries.  

Trained staff in our warehouses based in several localizations in Poland, thoroughly check deliveries of the raw material and then stock it there, until needed in production process.   



When the material reaches our plant, trained and experienced staff makes the necessary selection

having in mind external values and high quality of the material and its final destination.



Each board is denailed, so as the beam, which we also wash with high pressure.   


High temperature steam kiln

On demand we process the wood in our modern high temperature steam kiln.



Our wood is prepared and processed according to the client demand

(available finishes: parallel cut, tongue-groove, groove-groove, planed, brushed, dried). 



Time of delivery

Depending on quantity we deliver ready to use products approximately in 4 weeks.


Deliveries / Transport

Clients can pick the goods up from our company or we can ship them directly to the given address. 

ANTIK - HOLZ Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa, ul Urzędnicza 24, Kostomłoty Drugie, 26-085 Miedziana Góra

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