Raw material

Wood with history

Naturally aging wood, sun-burned, rain-soaked and wind-dried, all for many years. This is the raw material Antik Holz works on.
We dismantle it with the greatest care and subject it to subsequent processing processes in our modern, constantly modernized plant.


Raw material supplies

Trusted suppliers, high-quality products

Regular access to raw materials is ensured thanks to a permanent, trusted group of suppliers. The wood goes to one of our three warehouses in Poland, where each time we subject the raw material to thorough inspection before it reaches our main production area.



Selected wood

We take care of every detail, carefully selecting wood that comes to our warehouse from various parts of Europe. An experienced, properly trained team selects the material with the greatest care, taking into account external values, high quality of the material as well as the type and possible purpose. Only carefully selected raw materials guarantee the highest quality of the final product.


Pulling nails by hand

Attention to details

Our boards, beams and wooden elements are passed through the hands of real craftsmen to maintain their natural charm and durability. Each of them is hand-washed and denailed using specialized detectors. We make sure that our product is perfect in every detail.



Professional thermal treatment

At the customer's request, we heat-treat the wood in our modern drying chambers. Our dryers not only offers excellent drying performance, but also ensures the preservation of the unique character and charm of old wood. We use the most modern and safe drying technology to minimize the risk of deformation, cracks or loss of wood color. Thanks to this, we maintain its natural charm.



The material is prepared and processed according to the specified parameters at the customer's request

(possible finishing: parallel cut, tongue-and-groove, planing, brushing, drying).

Finishing the boards is a key stage in the wood processing process, which aims not only to improve their aesthetics, but also to ensure strength and durability. There are several different possible methods of finishing the boards, depending on the desired effect and use. We offer our clients the following types of finishing: parallel cut, tongue-and-groove, planing, brushing, drying.



Lead time

Depending on the dimensions, the order is usually completed within 2 weeks - full truck loads. An express order preparation option is also available - in situations when the customer needs quick delivery. We also have ready stock always availabe. We can ship finished goods even on the day the order is placed.



Deliveries and transportation

Delivery throughout Europe

We understand that different projects require different amounts of materials. That's why we offer our customers delivery of orders from 100 m2. We are here to meet your needs, regardless of the size of your project. Regardless of whether you own a small workshop or manage an extensive construction project, we are ready to provide you with the necessary materials in exactly the quantity you need.

Our company has an extensive logistics network that allows us to deliver goods throughout Europe. Thanks to our experience in cross-border deliveries, you can be sure that we deliver goods to the highest standards of quality and timeliness. It is also possible to collect the goods with your own transport from our main warehouse in Poland.