The uniqueness of old wood

Old wood is a material that has a unique structure and appearance. The uniqueness of this material makes its addition give a new character to the interiors.

Old or aged wood?

When arranging the interior, you have to face the choice of old wood or aged wood. Check out what will turn out to be a hit!

Old wood floorboard

Wooden floors are undeniably a timeless trend that has reigned in homes for many years. There are many different styles that have come and gone, but hardwood is still present. But that doesn't mean that wood floors always look the same.

Sale of recycled wood

AntikHolz is a wholesaler of recycled wood and boards, which are specially processed and can be reused.

Old boards after processing

The owners of wooden houses feel great satisfaction from the fact that their rooms are dominated by a unique raw material, which is wood. The better news may only be the use of old wood after processing.

Selling old wood to size

Gently burnt with visible knots and beautiful rings, old wood adds elegance and specific charm to each property. We offer the sale of old wood to size.

Machinery Park

Our production processes and machinery park are being modernized and controlled on a daily basis, so the product we make, could meet the highest demands of our clients.

Drying Chamber

We have been traveling houndreds of kilometers to find the wood that is appropriate to achieve this goal.

Reclaimed wood 3 D Effect

This is the latest trend in wood paneling and wall cladding.

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