Old floor boards .

Description Old floor boards with original surface
Type of wood Spruce, fir, pine

Length:     200 - 500 cm

Width:   from 14 cm

Thickness:   from 35 mm+  


Available types of finishes:

  • surface brushed,
  • planed,
  • tonuge&groove,
  • groove&groove,
  • parallel cut,
  • dried 12% +/- 2%
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Available variants

Old floor boards for sale

The old wood floor board offered by our company Antikholz is a unique raw material, ready to be installed in the rooms.

On the viewfinder: Natural and luxurious old style floorboards

The floors of recovered wood come from fir, pine and spruce trees. These are rare, unique elements made exclusively of old, natural wood from individual history. Reclaimed wood is a natural resource and none of the old floorboards are the same. Each one is unique in its stately form and carries on its journey.

The beauty of imperfections of old wood floorboards

Our old floorboards and other products are made from recycled wood. It is an art that cannot be improved any more. Its beauty lies in a structure marked with time - the beauty of imperfections.

Preserving the natural character of wood is a priority for us - we do not change its appearance. Old floorboards add charm to any interior and emphasize its aesthetics. Recycled wood integrates seamlessly with modern interiors. Whatever style you choose - classic, rustic or modernist - you can use them anywhere. From the apartments in the center of the big city to the charming mountain shelters.

The unique beauty of the old boards, which was shaped over time, reflects the character of unique interiors. They are cannot to be copied. Renovated floorboards give rooms a unique warmth and sense of comfort.

Old floor boards for sale: high product quality, unique style and natural character of interior design!

Why choose old style floorboards?

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