We give new life
to the planks soaked with history
We give new life
to the planks soaked with history
We give new life
to the planks soaked with history
We give new life
to the planks soaked with history
We give new life
to the planks soaked with history
of old reclaimed wood

on the
market since 2011

ANTIK-HOLZ is a place where passion and tradition meet modernity since 2011. We are an expert in the processing and sale of old wood, providing the highest quality products throughout whole Europe. Our unique boards, panels, beams and doors can be used in interior and exterior design projects and in the production of unique furniture.

Old wood is a material with a unique charm, full of history and character, which makes each project unique. Our processing processes are a real art that allows us to discover and show what is hidden in each piece of old wood.

Our many years of experience on the international market enable us to cooperate with clients from many parts of the world. We are always able to adapt to various needs and requirements, providing comprehensive service, starting from the selection of material to final delivery.


we have processed
and delivered over 5 000 000m² of old boards
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Antik Holz - manufacturer and wholesale of old wood

We have specialized in trading old wood for about 12 years. We are the largest company in Europe that sourcing old wood and gives it a second life.

Our products are aimed mainly at those specialists in the industry who need the highest quality, unique and one-of-a-kind materials.

Our products are made of wood only from Poland. We successively buy old boards and old wood, and we demolish old wooden structures. Then we give the acquired raw material a new meaning.

Each of our products is a witness to a separate story that makes it completely unique in its form, structure and color.

Careful selection of purchased wood and professional processing guarantee the highest quality - free from pests and untainted by chemicals.

Antik Holz, a trustworthy and internationally proven partner, is constantly evolving.Production processes and mechanical facilities are constantly being modernized and subjected to constant control so that the obtained product is of the best quality and suited to the high standards expected by our clients.