Old wood full of harmony

How do you care for old wood home furnishings?

There are many reasons for caring for old wood home furnishings. Here are some of them:

  • Durability: by caring for furniture, old floorboards and other furnishings made of old wood, you increase their durability and resistance to damage. As a result, they will last for a long time.
  • Beauty: Old wood has an unmistakable character and charm that gives a unique atmosphere to any interior. By caring for them, you can maintain their beauty for a long time.
  • Value: Old wood is prized by collectors and antique lovers for its unique beauty and history. By caring for them, you can increase their value.
  • Ecology: By caring for old wood, you can prolong its life and reduce the need to source new wood, which is good for the environment.
  • Satisfaction: Caring for furniture, panels and other furnishings made from old wood is a pleasure, giving you the satisfaction and joy of owning beautiful, durable and unique items.

Konserwacja mebli ze starych desek

How to protect wooden furniture, wall panels and floorboards?

To protect wooden home furnishings such as beams, furniture, wall panels and old floorboards, a few basic steps must be followed:

  • Moisture protection: To protect wood from moisture, use a wood preservative or varnish that forms a protective layer on the surface. This will make old furniture boards, wooden floorboards or wall panels less susceptible to moisture damage.
  • Protection from sunlight: Straight wood is prone to fading, so it is important to protect it from sunlight. This can be done by using special paints or varnishes that block UV exposure.
  • Scratch protection: To protect the wood from scratches, clean the wood surface regularly and use special waxes or wood oils that form a protective layer.
  • Storage: Keeping wooden furniture and other furnishings, i.e. old boards, in a dry and cool place, away from sources of heat and moisture, increases their durability.
  • Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of wood increases its robustness and resistance to damage.

Jak zabezpieczyć stare drewno?

How often should wooden furniture, wall panels and floor panels be treated?

How often you should protect wooden furniture, wall panels and floorboards depends on several factors, such as:

  • Operating conditions: Furniture, old wall boards and floor panels that are exposed to high levels of sunlight or moisture will require more frequent maintenance than those that are stored in dry and cool conditions.
  • Material: The type of wood used for furniture, wall panels and floorboards also affects how often they should be maintained. For example, exotic wood will require more frequent maintenance than coniferous wood.
  • Use: Furniture, wall panels and floorboards that are subjected to frequent use will require more frequent maintenance than those that are used infrequently.
  • Protection: If already protected wood, maintenance will be required less frequently than unprotected wood.

As a rule, it is recommended to maintain wooden furniture, wall panels and floor panels every 1-2 years. However, if the wooden furnishings are exposed to a lot of sunlight or moisture, maintenance should be carried out more frequently. It is also a good idea to look out for the first signs of damage and react to them in good time.