Old boards after processing

Old boards after processing are in fact products from old buildings such as barns or granaries, but also factories that are not suitable for use. Thanks to companies that deal with their processing, they can be transformed into incredibly charming products that will accentuate the character of the interior in modern arrangements.

Old wood after processing - what is its uniqueness?

The owners of wooden houses feel great satisfaction from the fact that their rooms are dominated by a unique raw material, which is wood. The better news may only be the use of old wood after processing. Contrary to other materials, the charm of wood lies in its appearance, and more precisely in its old age. Reclaimed wood has a beauty and history that unfortunately cannot be seen in the new material.

Lovers of processed old wood make every effort to find reclaimed wood that will be the stylistic expression of owners and their homes. Selling the old wood after processing takes more work than just buying it from the barn owners. The machining process is not the easiest and it can take a long time to get the natural look. However, its uniqueness contributed to creating beautiful interiors, but also to the exterior of the building.


Is it worth choosing old wood? - 5 reasons

1. Environment friendly

The old wood, after processing, was not grown on farms, but bought from the owners of old wooden buildings. It wasn't cut down, and gained a new life after several dozen years. It is a very ecological process that needs to be promoted.

2. Age

No raw material has the same character as wood. The older it is, the more attractive it is. Old wood grew in natural conditions and did not have to fight for nutrients such as water or sun, which makes it long-lasting.

3. Difficult access

Selling old boards after processing is quite a niche profession due to the depletion of old wood. That is why it is chosen only by true fans as well as interior designers and architects. As a result, its cost is not the smallest.

4. Originality

Currently, ¾ of the items we buy are mass-produced. If you want to have something original in your home, it is worth putting on old wood. This is a one-of-a-kind product, due to the fact that there are no two identical boards.

5. Higher property value

Using old wood will result in a higher property value. This is a very important issue for those who want to sell their homes.

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