Old wood floorboard

Wooden floors - a timeless trend

Wood floors are undeniably a timeless trend that has reigned in homes for many years. There are many different styles that have come and gone, but hardwood is still present. However, that doesn't mean that wood floors always look the same. With newer, cooler and bigger contrasts, we have a variety of wood floors.

Many people have them in their homes and decide to renovate them, while there are people who will do anything to get old wood floorboards in their new interiors. This is quite a challenge due to the fact that old wood is not quite easy to buy. Therefore, their appeal increases even more!

Wood floors, are quite often called rural, due to the fact that they could be found in villages. Nowadays, old floorboards are gaining popularity. If we were to consider all the flooring trends, starting from ceramic tiles to carpets and then carpets, old planks are the best- option for flooring.

The old board on the floor - great functionality

If we talk about the functionality of old boards on the floor, it is worth noting:

  • Beneficial effect on health. Old wooden floors, prevent the formation of allergens by the anti-static properties they have.
  • Excellent insulation. Because of their thickness, natural planks don't conduct heat easily. They offer a total separation of the boards from the cold ground. Old wooden floors provide excellent acoustics.
  • High durability. Old plank flooring is characterized by high resistance to external conditions. They are superior to laminate or barlinek boards in this regard.
  • Possibility of renovation. A refurbished floor attracts more attention than a new floorboard.

A floor with old floorboards is a solution that will bring many different options to choose from in terms of materials, colors and finishes. Whether you want to refinish your old floor or start from scratch with old planks, it is best to enlist the help of our staff. We offer help and advice on any issue related to this antique material. The sale of old floorboards is highly trusted.

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