Selling old wood to size

One of the biggest trends recently have become antique and atmospheric rooms, and thus? Of course, old wood to size. It is one of the best raw materials that can be used in many different ways. At first glance, you cannot tell if it is old or new. However, the visionaries of old wood can see the history and the years it has gone through.

Gently scalded with visible knots and beautiful jars, it only adds elegance and a specific charm. Old custom wood is an unimaginable product for interior designers, art connoisseurs and many entrepreneurs. Due to the fact that it is a material that is unfortunately less and less available, its price is rising.

As you know, such ancient material is currently obtained in Poland, only from old buildings. Western countries, however, use certain methods to avoid the phenomenon causing a shortage of this raw material. That is why special farms are created where the trees ripen peacefully.


Where is old wood obtained?

As we mentioned above, there are two ways of acquiring old planks in Poland.

  • The first is to use the offer of companies that offer the sale of old boards to size. Buying old raw materials is unfortunately a more expensive option, but manufacturers and traders are up to the task so that the old boards can be used for many years.                                               
  • The second way to obtain good quality wood is to dismantle old ruins. These include barns, granaries, or just unutilized, they contain wood and are of excellent quality not seen with the naked eye. This is a cost-effective solution that will benefit everyone.


What can old wood be useful for?

Selling old wood to size may turn out to be the best solution for any professional. With its help, you can make beautiful tables, furniture, but also exterior facades. Recovered wood can be used in many ways.

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