Old wood full of harmony

Old wood - fashionable accessories

Nowadays, people are more conscious when it comes to being eco-friendly and what material is used in their interiors. In the age of modern technology, we have found ways to improve our craftsmanship, an example of which is the use of old wood to create functional and aesthetically pleasing accessories for your homes. Check out the range of accessories made from wood that our staff will custom make at Antikholz.

  •  Hanger made from an old board

We will make an aesthetically pleasing hanger for you from a old wooden logs from post-war construction or on an individual order from material supplied by you. We ensure that the wooden parts are thoroughly cleaned and protected with natural oil wax. We will impregnate the metal parts on the hanger with a colourless rust preventative.

The hanger will become a beautiful decoration for both rustic and modern interiors. It is worth bearing in mind that our products do not pretend to be old, because they are simply old!

  • Old wood shelves

Handmade shelves made of old wood are a unique interior element. The raw material, which has matured over several decades, is distinguished by its unique design, and therein lies the beauty and charm of old alder planks. Prepared by our specialists, the wood has no traces of use from its former occupants - nail marks or knots, due to the thorough renovation process.

Antikholz will create decorative shelves for you to change the décor of your rooms and, most importantly, to fit in with current trends.

  • Old wood on the wall

Old wood planks used on the wall fulfil many important roles in a room. As well as being an amazing decoration, they are able to make you feel cosy in your interiors. At our company, you can be sure that we will create a unique, pest-resistant element for you. Above all, we offer 3D panels that can take any shape as well as any colour. Mounted side by side, they create an original wall decoration.

  • Frames made of old wood

If you are interested in photography, you should provide a convenient place for your works. Old wood frames are made to order from various types of wood such as spruce, pine, fir and alder. Naturally aged, it has an extraordinary aesthetic and, most importantly, it adds uniqueness to any interior. The reclaimed wood frame exudes a rural and rustic style, guaranteeing beautiful interior design.

  • Old wood mirror

The beautiful wooden frame installed around the mirror will bring a touch of classic style and character to the room. Carefully selected wood by our staff, which has matured over the years in warehouses after special treatment, can be incorporated into your homes. No matter what type of wood you choose, it will bring your interior to life anew.

Old wooden beams from Antikholz

Looking for inspiration for the use of old wood in interiors, please visit the "Gallery" tab, where you will find our realisations, but also ideas for the use of this material. Old wooden beams offer many design possibilities. Swap the plastic in your rooms for old wood! We will make an aesthetically pleasing hanger for you from a old wooden beam from post-war construction or on an individual order from material supplied by you.