General information

Fir, spruce and pine are the main wood types with which we work on. Each product is available in 3 basic colours: light brown, brown and grey. Dimensions provided in products description are suggestive and can be changed on client demand. 

Wooden beams

Description Beams with hand chopped surface 
Type of wood spruce/fir /pine   


100 x 120 mm – 140 x 160 mm
160 x 180 mm – 200 x 220 mm
200 x 240 mm – 240x 260 mm

Available types of finishes 

  • surface brushed, 
  • washed 

planks denailed with detector or by sight 


Old wooden beams for sale

AntikHolz offers the sale of old wooden beams. We have hand-cut boards with a unique surface. Performed in a traditional technique, they retain their natural beauty. Innovative technologies in our machine park have allowed for the processing of old wooden beams by a qualified team of employees.

Our old wooden beams:

  • have partially trimmed edges
  • are planed to the same thickness,
  • they go to the drying chamber

Thanks to this, the beams are not warped and also do not shrink.

We are a wholesaler of old wooden beams that can become a variety in every home and garden. The rich and unique structure of old wooden beams will work in any arrangement, depending on the style. Old wood never goes out of style.

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