Old wood with class!

In interior design, old wood is a raw material that adds warmth and coziness to an apartment. Its unconventional appearance and history make its addition will provide a unique character to any interior.

This is possible thanks to the changes that have taken place in wood over the years to achieve an extraordinary effect!

The effect of the sun on wood

The entire aging process of wood is long term and requires constant exposure to the weather.

By exposing boards from an old house or barn to constant exposure to the sun, their color changes. "Scorching" the wood by the sun's rays causes the boards to receive a unique texture, and over time, the color of the wood also changes. According to foresters, the entire aging process of wood can be called graying. As time passes, the wood darkens, and the most common colors they achieve are:

  • Dark yellow,
  • Brown,
  • Light Gray.

As wood ages, certain types of wood show more resistance to color changes. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Ash,
  • beech,
  • oak,
  • hornbeam.

In this way, each board has its own unique look that cannot be copied by a freshly cut tree or an aged tree.

Rain and air are natural woodworkers

Despite the sun's significant activity in aging wood, it is also affected by wind and rain. Rain over the years washes away substances that are water soluble. Wind, on the other hand, guarantees the deposition of dust and sludge on old wood.

This, combined with the activity of the sun, makes old planks look unique and will guarantee the original interior of your home.

Why choose old wood?

When selling old boards, very often there are doubts from customers. Among them are questions about durability and safety. Contrary to what you may think, old wooden logs, old floorboards or other products can prove to be much more durable because it was well-prepared many years before.

The old wood was felled during the winter to preserve the resin. This was a guarantee that the wood would remain durable and serve for a long time. With this precise action and proper converse, the use of the old planks would still be safe.

An additional advantage of the old wood was its proper preparation. Awareness and knowledge of wood types was high, so craftsmen used natural methods to preserve the boards.

Carpenters, when preparing a barn or house, precisely measured the cutting of the wood, and knew where best to drive nails. In this way, they guaranteed the longevity of the raw material without damaging the valuable parts of the tree. This makes it possible to reuse the raw material.

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