Sunburnt planks - tongue–groove .


Sunburnt planks, tongue–groove 

Type of wood Spruce, fir, pine 
Colour  Light brown, brown, grey   


Length:       100 - 400 cm

Width:         8 – 23 cm 

Thickness:   20 mm    


Available types of finishes

  • surface brushed, 
  • ends cut, 
  • planed, 
  • tongue – groove, 
  • groove - groove, 
  • dried 12% +/- 2%, 
  • fixed widths  
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Available variants

 Tongue-and-groove boards

Old wooden planks hide their natural beauty, which becomes apparent in knots and discolouration. Their unique texture makes them lend grandeur to any interior and they blend well with many interior styles.
Tongue-and-groove boards are extremely durable, making them suitable for use in sanitary areas as well as bedrooms, dining rooms and dining rooms. Another advantage of tongue-and-groove boards is that they are easy to clean and maintenance-free. The tongue-and-groove boards that our customers receive from us are a finished product that has been cleaned of nails and subjected to a drying process in special pressure chambers and treated with an impregnator, which reduces the likelihood of any pests.
Old, natural wood is distinguished by its specific texture and colour, as it has been exposed over the years to changing weather conditions such as sun, wind or rain.
By reaching for our tongue and groove boards, you can be sure that thanks to the professional treatment process, our wood will retain its unique and inimitable appearance for many years.

Why choose us?

  1. We have been professionally processing old wood for almost 10 years. This time has allowed us to train a staff of specialists and create a modern machinery park.
  2. We take care of the high quality of the product at every stage of the processing. We make a careful selection of old wood in order to be able to provide our customers with full quality tongue and groove boards.
  3. Every product that comes off the production line in our factory is certified for quality. We have modern machinery at our disposal, which allows us to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.
  4. The tongue-and-groove boards are dried in modern pressure chambers, thanks to which the products our customers receive from us are safe and free of insects and fungi.
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