Old alder brown .

Description Sunburnt planks, raw planks 
Type of wood
Colour Brown                         


Length:      100 - 400 cm

Width:        10 – 25 cm 

Thickness:  15  - 30 mm   


Available types of finishes 

  • surface brushed, 
  • dried 12% +/- 2% 


planks denailed with detector or by sight 

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Available variants

An old alder board

Sale of old alder boards

An old alder plank from the demolition of a barn, old house or floor is an excellent material for garden furniture. Due to the fact that there is no resin, as is the case with pine or fir, you do not have to worry about its leakage. Old alder boards are very durable and solid, which makes them perfect for the fence. It can also be used on wall cladding as well as exposed roof trusses.

The high availability of this wood, as well as its ease of processing, forced us to sell old alder boards at an attractive price.

Alder furniture in the interior

If you love rustic interiors, it is worth using an old alder board for furniture. With its help, you can create beautiful chests of drawers, coffee tables or designer cabinets.
The structure of the wood is soft, so no vessels or rings are visible in the cross-sections. This is what distinguishes it from other tree species.

Old alder boards are quite popular due to its availability in various design lines, various sizes and unique colors.

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