Sunburnt planks - parallel cut .


Sunburnt planks, parallel cut  

Type of wood Spruce, fir, pine        
Colour  Light brown, dark brown, grey   


Length:       100 - 400 cm

Width:         8 – 23 cm 

Thickness:   20 mm     


Available types of finishes 

  • surface brushed, 
  • ends cut,
  • planed,
  • parallel cut, 
  • dried 12% +/- 2%, 
  • fixed widths  
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Available variants

Old paralel cut plank

When dismantling centuries-old buildings, you can come across unusual gems, such as old boards. Not always every part of the raw material is suitable for further processing, but it is more and more often possible. Due to the growing awareness of environmental protection, we are observing a great interest in buying old paralel cut planks.

For this reason, we have specialized in the production and sale of old paralel cut boards. Not only new wood can be an excellent material for furniture in your rooms. By choosing the old one - several dozen years or more, you can create an oasis of peace in your home, steeped in natural character.

Processing of old paralel cut boards

The sale of old parallel cut boards includes three types of wood:

The old parallel cut board, which we offer in our company, is subjected to professional thermal treatment. Thanks to this, each section of the board is free from fungi or any insects. We do not use harsh chemicals.The whole process is very natural so it doesn’t change the color of the wood.

We take care of the high quality of the product at every stage of the processing process. That is why the parallel cut board is appreciated by many designers and interior architects around the world. With its help, you can create beautiful wall structures yourself.

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